It’s not officially winter, but temperatures are beginning to drop and Christmas decorations are going up in shop windows. For some it may seem a little early, but we think there’s ways of getting into the Christmas spirit without assembling the Christmas tree or wrapping presents just yet. Hanging wreaths are a great way to kick off your Christmas decorations without needing to go all out in late November. We’ve put together our top 5 favourite wintry wreaths for the coming season, suiting traditional and alternative tastes alike. Available from the 30th of November, make sure you get a chance to pre-order early to guarantee your choice of wreath. So we can help you find the wreath that individually suits you, read on!


1. The Classic Wreath 


Kicking-off our top 5 wreaths this Christmas is the classic red berry wreath. It doesn’t get much more traditional than a fresh foliage woven with ripe winter berries, creating an an absolutely stunning addition to your Christmas decorations. Like most of our wreaths, you can use them for hanging on your front or back door, however they can also be used as a centerpiece for a festive dining table. Simply place a tall, thick candle in the centre of the wreath to give an alternative use ( which may be handy if hanging it from your front door proves difficult!). We think this winter berry wreath is an absolute essential if you are a lover of traditional themes at Christmas.


2. The Simple Wreath


If perhaps traditional isn’t really your thing, then this wreath could be for you. Composed with ‘million stars’ gypsophila, this wreath breaks tradition yet radiates simplicity and class. If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas this year this wreath fits perfectly with white themed decorations for your home, whether it be inside or out. Like the other wreaths in this blog, it also makes for a stunning centrepiece for dining this Christmas, holding a large candle or can be hung indoors and out.


3. The Woodland Wreath 


Rich with fresh foliage and gentle blush roses, this truly elegant wreath simply breathes the woodland and is undoubtedly a show-stopper. Lovingly hand-made, it stands out from the crowd on any front door or centrepiece and is altogether breathtaking. If you are a rose lover, this wreath was simply made for you. Coupling the fresh pine cones with the ivy and fresh foliage, the apples have been carefully woven into this unquestionably alluring wreath. If you prefer a plentiful looking wreath with colour, then look no further.


4. The Fruity Wreath 


Filled with the strong scents of cinnamon and orange, this wreath oozes delight with pungent perfumes of Christmas spices and a cracking visual filled with fruit. This wreath will no doubt catch the eyes of friends and family and frankly anybody who likes a good orange. The orange and green shades of this wreath are enough to warm any room or front door and simply spill festive spirit. Whether you are a fruit lover or just have a good taste in beautifully hand-made wreaths, this wreath is undoubtedly the one for you.


5. The White Vintage Wreath


Last, but certainly not least, is this wholeheartedly handmade ‘Wild Hedgerow’ wreath. It resembles the woodland wreath, yet is a subtle choice as it simply gleams with the white, spray roses. The mint tones of the fresh foliage paired with the pine cones makes for a refreshing, vintage themed bouquet. Incredibly delicate yet balanced equally with its luxurious qualities, this wreath is truly something personal and also special. If you also enjoy the simplicity of white like the second wreath but perhaps want something with more to it, then this is definitely the wreath you should consider.

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