Winter solstice 2016

Winter solstice happens every year at the exact same time across earth, when the Sun is at its most southerly declination. This year the solstice falls on Wednesday December 21st at 10:44 GMT (Universal time), marking today as the day with the least hours of sunlight.

It has been a pagan tradition to celebrate solstice for thousands of years. However, many elements of Christmas have its roots in solstice and people all around the world celebrate the day. It focuses on reflection of the year just past and celebration of the changes in nature.

If you plan to celebrate today- here are our ideas for decoration!

handmade orange garland 1450836195353

Photo credit: Kelly Brown 

It’s all about bringing the outdoors inside… we love these handmade dried orange garlands for decorating the mantle.

little birch wooden stars

Little Birch Bark Scatter Star Decoration

winter solstice table setting

Photo credit: Pinterest

This table setting uses wood and fir to create a cosy set up perfect for celebrating solstice with a group of friends

pine cone candle

Woodland Pine Cone Hand-Poured Candle

ice votive handmade

Photo credit: Pinterest

These ice votives are a cool DIY to serve drinks in for your guests. Simply place a smaller container or glass inside another and fill the gap with water and twigs/berries. Freeze overnight and run with slightly warm water to free the votive.

mini candles

Traditional Decorative Mini Candles

brass garden lantern

Brass Style Candle Garden Lantern

And of course – for when the sun sets – plenty of candles are best to light your evening.

Happy Winter Solstice from us at The Flower Studio!

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