Roses are red

Violets are blue

What does Valentine’s Day

Really mean to you?

I can’t believe that there’s anyone reading this that doesn’t instantly see a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses when they think of Valentine’s Day. 

Ok, so I cheated a bit with that first picture and flowers may seem an obvious topic for Valentine’s Day, especially on a florist’s blog, but have you ever wondered who Valentine was and why his association to 14th February means love and red roses?

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, stories about St Valentine are very inconsistent and so little was known about him that he was removed from the General Roman Calendar by 1969, yet his legend had become is synonymous with love and romance and has lasted centuries.

My favourite interpretation is that this 3rd Century Roman priest defied Emperor Claudius II’s decree that outlawed marriage.  Claudius believed that his army lacked manpower, because the men were too love-sick, preferring to stay at home with their wives and children.  When Valentine was caught ignoring the ban on marriage by performing weddings, he was arrested and eventually beheaded on 14th February c270AD.

An additional note, on history.com, adds to the romantic legend by stating Valentine had befriended his jailor’s daughter and left her a note signed “From your Valentine”; possibly a sign of his undying love?

It’s a tragic story of standing up for love and 14th February quickly became a celebrated romantic day. Once canonised, St Valentine was often pictured with what had became the symbol of passion and romance, the red rose.

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Whichever bouquet you choose, don’t forget to write your message of love to your Valentine and maybe put your name this time and wait for their response.  Good luck!