Wedding season is officially upon us, from glorious outdoor weddings under the summer sunshine to intimate outdoor ceremonies on the coast. At The Flower Studio this is definitely our favourite time of the year, as we prepare to provide our brides and grooms to be with fresh flowers, whether it be for an artisan bridal bouquet or a stunning post-ceremony reception centrepiece. In The Wedding Journal series, we’ll give you our top tips & tricks to make your day the best it can be, as well as our specialist stylistic edits. If you’re looking for the guide to a flawless white wedding, then this is the wedding blog for you.




The trick to an absolute white wedding is definitely in the details. From the obvious choice of the ivory dress, there are a few things you might want to consider if you’re really looking to make a mark on your wedding day. When you make your big exit from what may be the biggest ceremony of your life, you’re going to want some seriously good confetti to match the occasion (and also match the ivory dress, obviously), so we always suggest some good quality rose petals. Sourced from our trustworthy English growers, the white confetti bags are biodegradable and really make a simple but stunning match with ivory rose petals.




We all know a bride isn’t quite complete without a bridal bouquet. Here at The Flower Studio we love to cater to every bride’s individual needs, however for this ivory edit we feel that this specific bouquet from our Rose Collection simply radiates style and charm. The Buttermilk Luxury Rose Knot  is hand-made by our lovely staff and specially designed with brides in mind. It is composed of a handmade knot of delicate garden roses in soft ivory and buttermilk intertwined with smooth ivy. To top it off, we also bind all of our bridal bouquets with satin ribbon and fastened with pearl headed pins. We think this is an essential addition to a stunning ivory wedding, with understated pink hues of pearl and buttermilk to compliment a flawless ivory finish. Not only would this bouquet make a stunning bridal bouquet, it would also make a breathtaking centrepiece for a table at your reception.




Last but not least we have one more top tip to make your wedding a stunning ivory styled ceremony, for your bridesmaids this time. And it definitely doesn’t break the bank – the gorgeous flower known as Baby’s Breath, or less commonly known as Gypsophila. If you’re working with a tight budget then this is a brilliant but effective choice for your bridesmaids, giving you just a little bit more to work with for your bridal bouquet. Understated but stunning, Baby’s Breath is a definite essential for your gorgeous white wedding.


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