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With the autumnal season well under way, planning a wedding around this time of year can be a completely different experience to the majority of those contemplating a summer ceremony. However, one colour which is most definitely timeless throughout every season of the year has to be emerald and green. If you love everything green, mint and emerald, then this is the Wedding Journal edit for you. Here’s how to plan everything emerald for your wedding day.


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Emerald is the colour of calm, jewels and greenery; three things you’ll probably be hoping for on your big day. The first place to start when planning your emerald wedding is looking for a table trail. If you’re looking for a floral trail, then this should be relatively easy, as most foliage conveniently happens to be green. A lovely touch to add to this however is mint napkins and sprigs of rosemary on your guest’s reception place design. This lighter green colour is a beautiful contrast to the deeper emerald elements for the rest of your wedding.


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A unique way to incorporate emerald into your wedding is to get yourself a specially designed emerald cake; with green sugar crystals to emulate your favourite jewel. The effect is unbelievable and quite breathtaking, you probably won’t want to eat it! For your general wedding decor, white is a gorgeous pairing with greens, making a complimentary colour scheme. If you’re planning on having balloons, then pairing green foliage with white decorations can look absolutely elegant.




If a flower garland wasn’t quite what you were thinking of for your wedding tables, then a gorgeous mint & white wreath filled with posies and roses will most certainly fit your wedding plan for an emerald occasion. Brass, gold and zinc pairs beautifully with your green foliage, as well as the crisp, white decorations on your tables.


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