We all know that the wedding season goes hand in hand with festival season throughout the summer. But if you love to be unconventional, then why not embrace both at once? If you’re planning a bohemian styled wedding this year, we’ve got the last minute top tips to make the it a truly beautiful, spirited and carefree bohemian occasion. From hair-styling to extravagant put-me-up tents for your wedding, here’s our secrets on how to throw a bohemian wedding to remember.


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What is a bohemian bride without her crown? Floral crowns are most definitely an essential for a bohemian wedding when styled right. Don’t avoid one because someone you know might have commented about it being a ‘tacky’ accessory; floral crowns can make a bride on her wedding day when used in the right way. We think real flowers are the way to go when styling a floral crown, and if you’re planning on using faux flowers make sure they’re good quality. As your wedding’s going to be bohemian, anything goes on how you want to style the flowers. Simple but beautiful, a plain white floral crown is always a winner with a laced dress. However if you’re feeling bold, a crown made with deep purples, yellows and daisy whites would breathe a bohemian air into your bridal outfit, without a doubt.




Why not add a fantastic, adventurous retreat to your wedding reception without breaking the bank? If you’ve got any old rugs or pillows lying about, oriental or not, you can create a bohemian paradise for your wedding guests. You could also double this up as a photo shoot spot for your guests to snapshot themselves on your wedding day. Not only does it look impressive, but it doesn’t take too much time or cost much. And what is a bohemian wedding day without the perfect getaway car? A Volkswagen Camper will whisk you away from your wedding day, and if you’re the adventurous type, why not continue to head out and explore with it on your honeymoon.




Last, but most definitely not least, we have the perfect styling for your flowers on your bohemian styled wedding day. The Flower Studio’s selection of vintage style roses and flowers with garden foliage fill these unique mix of eclectic mix of bottles for a stunning floral arrangement for the tables your wedding reception, or even an unconventional gift for the bride before she takes to the isle. And to complete our bohemian edit, we most definitely can’t forget the bridal bouquet. Our Lisianthus & Gypsophila floral bouquet is hand prepared by our in-house team, sending to you directly from our shop in Marlow. Made up of two stunning flowers, it is truly designed for a vibrant, stylish bohemian wedding that you most definitely won’t forget.


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