Organising your wedding day is a BIG task; it tends to feel like you’re thrown in at the deep end in the early days of planning. Everyone wants their day to be perfect – but what really makes the perfect wedding day? Someone who may have their vision of a lacy, bohemian style wedding would be somewhat unimpressed turning up to an all-black, goth themed bash. This wedding series is to cater for all different tastes, styles and passions, and how you can bring these ideas to your own wedding; from festival themed weddings to the classic, white wedding.

To kick off the wedding series let’s start with a style that has risen in popularity in recent years; vintage. Vintage weddings are intricate, delicate and seriously stunning if you get it right.  Whilst I can’t plan your wedding for you, there are few tips and ideas to help you feed your inner vintage in preparation for your wedding day.

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Even though some vintage items can tend be extremely pricey, it doesn’t mean your wedding has to be. A great cost-effective DIY idea that is 100% doable is homemade confetti cones. Newspaper fits perfectly with vintage themes; and if you happen to have some old music scores – even better. You could even just photocopy one page if this is more convenient. Both the newspaper and music sheets make for equally beautiful ideas to use at your wedding, and you can make as many as needed. As for the confetti, it doesn’t have to be a standard shop bought ordeal. Try dried petals; you can’t really get more vintage-themed than that.


This next beautifully vintage themed idea is actually for the groom. Rather than having the standard boutonniere for the groom’s suit, this alternative is a definite must have for any vintage wedding. The small bouquet style is not only unique but fits perfectly into the vintage theme; it brings a more fragile yet original way to spruce up your husband-to-be’s suit for your big day (as long as he’s OK with that).  This delicate addition to the groom’s suit is something that could add just that bit extra to the vintage quality to your wedding.


A quirky alternative to the traditional wedding register may not be what you expect – a globe. This is a really charming way of keeping your wedding memories on display, rather than having a book that gets lost or hidden away in a drawer (it does happen). With plenty of room for everybody to sign the globe and leave a message, this decorative globe will not only just bring character to any room in the house but is also a very special way of reminiscing on some of the most precious memories you will ever make.


These occasion themed ladders have been a definite hit this summer and are not going anywhere for the coming autumn. The wooden steps make for an alternate yet elegant style of presentation when it comes to decorating a marquee or even for decor at a wedding venue. A great way to light these decorated ladders is to place candlelit jars or lanterns on each step, and pair this with beautifully entwined fairy lights around the structure. As well as this, seasonal floral decorations make for really delicate and dainty additions to this unusual yet stunning piece of wedding decor.


The last (but certainly not least) vintage wedding idea is a crate-style flower pot, which completely oozes vintage vibes. This rustic, shabby-chic style plant pot is perfect for any vintage wedding; and looks especially beautiful when paired with the vintage decorated ladder (have a peek at the image above). You could always DIY-it and get hold of an old crate; hydrangeas look especially beautiful in this style. If you’re not so keen on DIY however, they are not extortionately expensive to purchase, and are so worth the pennies for this on-trend wedding adornment. If you want to get hold of this one ASAP then pop over to the website on this link:



Happy Weddings!


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