If you have ever been into our shop (just off Marlow High Street), you will be familiar with mood wall at the back of the shop.

The latest painting to impressively decorate this wall is Abraham Janssen’s ‘Venus and Adonis‘ – just in time for Valentine’s Day, as it captures the moment when the beautiful couple look adoringly into each other eyes.


Credit – photowall.dk

Will they fall in love and live happily ever after? Unfortunately the story behind this stunning scene doesn’t end well, but maybe its sentiment is still relevant for some couples today?

Venus, the Goddess of Love, tried her best to seduce the gorgeous Adonis, but he just wanted to go hunting, despite her beauty and divine power!!  Venus begged Adonis not to go as she was sure her dream (where he was badly hurt whilst out) would come true.

However, being a typicial lad, he ignored her pleas and left her all alone to go hunting.  Tragically, there was an accident and the man who thought he was best hunter in the world was fatally injured by a boar’s tusks.

If this story was set now, Adonis might be a pub-goer, football fan or a gamer rather than a hunter, but ignoring his beautiful girl’s demands nonetheless! Perhaps instead of the pair of cupids trying to aim their arrows of love, the painting would show their mobiles set to text the latest love emoiji!!!

heart emoijikiss emoiji

So, if this story is one you know all about, whether you’re the beautiful Venus trying to get your hunk or the aloof Adonis,  why not show your true love this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful flower gift ?

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Perhaps your Adonis would like this stunning statement of love – the True Romance bouquet with Free Chocolates?


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And feel free to pop into our shop for a bespoke bouquet and to have a look at the impressive mood wall, before the next masterpiece is revealed.