Did you know there are over 100 different species of Roses? Their gorgeous scent and unique thorny stem make Roses still one of the universally popular flowers. Red roses have always been deeply symbolic of love and affection, from a single rose being suggested to mean ‘love at first sight’ and fifty to mean unconditional love. Of course, these are out-dated superstitions- but take a look at just a top roses you might receive this February 14th..

Sweetheart roses

Not to be underestimated, the Sweetheart rose may be small but look beautiful packed together.

sweetheart roses


Our Little Kisses Red Roses Bloom Box (with Rhodos Roses and white gypsophila)

Naomi roses

Our personal favourite at The Flower Studio, the Naomi rose has luscious petals and a large head. They smell wonderful and their deep colour make them a top choice for all sizes of bouquets.

naomi rose

naomi rosesOur Grand Love Affair Luxury Red Rose Bouquet 

Freedom roses

Freedom roses are known for their long shelf life and velvety soft petals. The roses are bright crimson, looking striking on their own. They are more fluted than the Naomi rose.

freedom roses

Upper Class roses

Upper Class roses are distinctive for their crinkly edges and often are more affordable than other varieties. They open slowly so have good lasting quality too.

upper rose

Be sure to check out our full selection of roses here!

… and Happy Valentines Day!

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