Deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a tricky one. Whether you’re impressing a new flame with dinner at a Michelin star restaurant or simply fancying a cosy night in with a Valentine’s meal deal, not everyone spends their Valentine’s in the same way. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out or staying in; it’s good to go the extra mile for your significant other, even if it’s for only one day of the year (even though we know we still should for the other 364). But regardless whether it’s luxury or comfort, a gorgeous floral gift is always makes a good impression whether it is your first year together or your fiftieth.

1. The Classic




It doesn’t really get more traditional than a red rose bouquet for a lover on Valentine’s Day, which gives you no excuse to decide not to this year. A bunch of red roses may seem predictable for some, but there’s a reason why they are so popular. They have earned their title of the perfect romantic gesture, making them a refined yet all round wonderful gift for anybody this Valentine’s Day. Traditional does not have to mean boring; a dozen red roses is enough to impress any Valentine of absolutely any age, making this classic choice of bouquet completely timeless.

2. The Unique




A quirkier approach to a Valentine’s gift can be a little tricky if you want something different, but not too different. We like to think we’ve reached the perfect compromise with our limited edition flower bottles, Valentine’s style. Our dainty floral alternative is designed for those who enjoy all things a little less conventional. Keeping with the traditional red roses, you have the option to arrange them however you like in the bottles when they arrive. The rustic styled mesh basket, paired with the roses, makes for an alternative yet accomplished Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t miss out on this one!

3. The Simple



If you’re just not about the all out grand gestures of the larger bouquets, then perhaps this is more you. A single red rose is a really subtle way of showing affection for someone this Valentine’s and won’t break the bank. It’s a lovely way to show you’re thinking of somebody without being too full on. We recommend this for an anonymous Valentine or a gift for a first date. You really can’t go wrong with a single rose – especially when it’s beautifully packaged in an elegant red box. This is a simple, yet very effective Valentine’s gift and we couldn’t sing it’s praises more.


4. The Rustic


_Cupid's White Rose Sweetie Vase

Fourth and finally, we have the Valentine’s bouquet for the rustic lovers. These classic white roses will go down a treat with a recipient who enjoys minimalistic styles. It doesn’t have to be in the vase shown; you can get creative with how you display them. This bouquet is, without a doubt, completely stunning. Any lovers of cool tones or whites will also appreciate the posy of baby’s breath woven into this bouquet.

And last but not least…


_Valentine chocolates


Don’t forget our Valentine’s chocolates! Who doesn’t love a good box of chocolates?