This month, our trend watch favourite has to be faux flowers. When most people think of artificial flowers, artisan  bouquets aren’t usually the first thing to come to mind. However our creative designers here at The Flower Studio use silk blooms to design and put together stunning bouquets as they would with fresh flowers, creating beautiful hand-made silk bouquets that will fool anyone – so are they fresh or faux?




Sometimes, finding the time to care for a live plant can be inconvenient if you’ve got a busy day to day schedule. Keeping fresh flowers can be tricky, so if you’re the kind of person who struggles to keep a fresh floral gift alive, our latest on trend tip is going to save you a lot of hassle. Faux flowers not only look the real deal, they require absolutely no effort to care for and make a stunning addition to your home decor, or even as floral wedding decoration. Top tip – if you want to go the extra length to convince your guests they’re real, just add fresh water to your vase.


artificial-spring-blossom-peachy-garden-rose-jam-jar-600x600 ARTIFICIAL-WILD-ROSE-LAVENDER-COUNTRY-WICKER-BASKET-ARRANGEMENT-600x600


If there’s a pitfall to fresh flowers, it’s definitely the moment you start to notice the wilt of your beautiful bouquet that you were secretly hoping would last forever. A great benefit of faux flowers is being able to keep your favourite bouquet without the worry of them wilting or dying after a period of time. Your faux flowers will look as vibrant and fresh as the day you receive them, as well as remaining a staple feature of any room if your bouquet is styled to a colour scheme perhaps in your kitchen or living area.




Although we’re all about fresh flowers at the flower studio, we think faux flowers are brilliant alternative to a conventional live bouquet. They’re long lasting, easy to care for and can be kept to style any room in your house without having to replace your bouquet every month. We suggest keeping an eye out for gathering dust on your silk blooms, so our top tip is to keep your faux bouquet looking fresh using a wet cloth every two weeks.


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