In this world of sequels and prequels, comebacks and remakes, why not stand out and be alternative this Valentine’s Day?

Here are 5 simple tips to make a difference and still be loved for it.

1. Roses aren’t the only flowers

Roses may be the instant choice for lovers or secret admirers, but tulips are just as powerful a symbol of love.  They are said to depict imagination, dreaminess, the perfect lover and are a true declaration of love.  Go on, be different!


2. It doesn’t have to be just red!

This mixed bouquet combines the purity and innocence of white flowers, with the romance and sensitivity of the pinks, along side the passion of red flowers – so it sends a signal of harmony and excitement. Hence its name – Wild Love!


3. Don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts whatever your budget!

Are you worried you don’t have to have the big budget to show how much you love someone.  Hasn’t anyone ever told you that it’s the thought that counts – showing how much someone means to you doesn’t necessaily mean blowing the bank account!  What about these impressive lovebirds, available online.  Or  a cute lovebird lantern so everyone can see your love burning?!

 bird ornaments crafted metal gift box

antique style hanging love bird metal lantern

4. How about showing your everlasting love with an everlasting faux flower arrangement?

Imagine the one you love opening this beautiful Bloom Box and they’re surprise when they see this bountiful silk flower arrangement and gorgeous scented candle! Silk flowers will last forever, just like your love…this bloom box is available in different colours and scents, whilst we have many other silk flower arrangements if you’d like to be really different.

Wild Lavender Candle

5. There are other days to celebrate love and friendship

Did you know that 15th February is Singles Awareness Day and 17th February is Random Act of Kindness Day – so there are plenty of days and ways to show your love so get going!

Yellow flowers represent friendship and respect. Maybe you want to show your work colleague your appreciation for their recent help?  Yellow flowers are also used to renew ties of friendship, so maybe you want to reconnect with someone special?


Whoever and however you want to make an impression, whatever your budget and your message, we know we have something for you at The Flower Studio.