Not everybody has time for a Christmas tree; whether you just don’t have the space or simply just prefer to keep things simple, having a large shrub in the front room can sometimes be impractical. If you’re after the charm and tradition a Christmas tree brings but perhaps don’t fancy the hassle, we have a few alternative ideas to bring festive trees into your home this Christmas, from mini frosted pines to indoor woodland shrubs.




A great alternative for a standard Christmas tree are these bright little Nordic Fir trees. Placed on a mantelpiece or windowsill, these miniature trees make a dainty replacement for your traditional tree. One of these trees might look a little lonely, so try a trio like in the picture above to bring out the Christmas charm.We suggest decorating these mini shrubs with warm toned fairy lights with copper wire to really bring out the frosting.



If you happen to have a bit more space in your living room or flat, this potted Fraiser Fir tree is a quaint addition to your Christmas decorations. Grown from the pot, it stands 1 metre high and makes a dainty Christmas tree. The soft needles of the tree make it child friendly and is a great alternative if you are worried about the larger trees around smaller children (or stubborn pets who plot to bring the Christmas tree down one way or another). The biggest bonus of this tree is that it will be kept alive through the festive season due to the fact it is potted. This means no needles everywhere, but more importantly no half-dead Christmas tree when your guests visit in the new year.



If you would like a desk size Christmas tree for your work or home office, this dainty Norwegian Christmas tree is a definite winner. A naturally hand-crafted delight, it makes for a striking festive decoration whilst keeping things tastefully subtle. The silver birch base and dusted moss creates a stylish yet subdued effect on this handsome festive decoration. It is a really lovely way of keeping the Christmas buzz alive, even if you’re sat in your office with a mountain of work.



Our last Christmas tree alternative inspiration is this potted miniature Christmas tree. A fresh, Nordic tree in origin, this mini festive tree is planted in a vintage style bucket and looks gorgeously delicate with cooler toned wire lights. This tree would make for a lovely festive addition in a child’s bedroom as their own Christmas tree. However this could also be a really elegant alternative to a traditional Christmas tree if you perhaps don’t have the space. All of our little trees are available now; don’t miss out!