If you’ve spent money on flowers for yourself or received them from someone else then it stands to reason that you are going to want them to last as long as possible. Displaying flowers in your home is a lovely way of brightening up a room and of course, the longer a bunch of flowers lasts the better. If you want your flowers to have a life span that is as long as possible then you should pay attention to where you buy them from – check the reviews of the florist you are buying from and make sure that they offer high quality products. However, as much as a quality starting product matters you also need to take care of them properly to make sure that they last as well as they can.

Is your vase squeaky clean?


Most of us are used to just taking a case out of a cupboard and getting started with displaying our lowers. However what you might not realise is that bacteria in a dirty vase could kill your flowers quickly. Before you put your flowers in you should make sure that your glass is fully cleaned.

Displaying Your Flowers

Before you put your flowers on display in your vase you should snip an inch or two off of the stems at the end. Cut at an angle to ensure that your plant has a big area to drink from and therefore will stay nicely hydrated. NOT too cold and NOT too hot, make sure your water is lukewarm and don’t shock your flowers with extreme water temperature.

Choose where you display them carefully – ideally you want to have them on display away from radiators, draughts and fruit which could attract bacteria.


Your flowers need some TLC

When you get flowers they will usually come with a sachet of plant food included. It is important that you use this (as per the instructions) rather than letting it go to waste. This plant food will give your flowers a much needed boost of energy and help to make sure that they bloom for as long as possible.

We already know that bacteria will do your flowers no good, so you want to make sure that this isn’t building up in the water in your vase. Try and get into the habit of changing the water every few days to keep your vase clean and your flowers as hydrated and healthy as possible.

Take some time to try read your care card

You should also have a look to see if there are an specific flower care tips that relate to the flowers that you have.