If you haven’t heard of sweet peas, which would be surprising, I’d like to introduce you to the flower that should be kick-starting your summer. Rich in colour and fragrance, this native Sicilian flower should be in your life acting as so much more than just a window filler. If sweet peas weren’t already so diverse in its beautiful assortment of colours, its distinct perfume is enough to catch anyone’s attention. Whether it be scaling down a trellis in your garden or hand woven into your bouquet, the beauty of sweet peas is nothing less than simple, elegant and classic. But there needs to be somewhere to begin with making the most out of these flowers, so let’s just get right into what you can do with sweet peas.

Sweet Peas are fragrant. 'Pastel Sunset' is a sweetly scented pastel mixture of rose-pink, cream, lavender-blue, shades of pink, peach and almond.

The first way to introduce yourself to sweet peas this summer is to pair this delicate flower into any bouquet you may have on your mind, as they fit almost any occasion. However wedding season is here and sweet peas are no less than a wise choice for a wedding bouquet. Sometimes bouquets may fall a little flat without the support of smaller flowers giving contrast to the larger, more prominent flowers in your assortment. Sweet peas are the perfect filler flower for your bouquet and do so much more than sit in the background. With their flaying petals and strong fragrance, they are a definite wedding essential. If sweet peas didn’t benefit the bride’s bouquet enough, they would definitely suit for small bridesmaid’s bouquets. If you happen to be a little more adventurous, sweet peas could pair beautifully with your bouquet in a sultry flower crown, which could also be used for the bride and/or bridesmaids.

peonies, roses, gardenia and sweet pea bouquet - stunning


Although beautiful in bouquets, sweet peas are equally as essential as something to feature in your garden, and there are a variety of ways you may grow them. Capable of growing to an impressive height of 1-2 metres, these flowers can be encouraged to grow up trellises and fences, adding their recognisable scent and colour to your flower beds and garden walls. If you don’t have the time or maybe just don’t fancy building a trellis, you can always purchase a trellis planter which is well worth the final result of fully grown blossoming sweet peas.

sweet pea trellis, I hadn't thought of this before but I could plant sweet peas at the base of my apple tree trellis...hmmm

However if you’re looking for a more hands on approach in which you can get the kids involved, building a ‘sweet pea tee-pee’ is a really quirky way of growing these gorgeous flowers. Once grown, this could be a great way to get the kids outside and more interested in the garden (warning: small amount of patience involved).

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