Spring is finally here! With the Spring Equinox arriving earlier this week on the 20th, the days are officially getting longer and warmer. For flower lovers this of course means a whole load of spring blooms are sprouting up all over. Here are four spring flowers you will find popular in this gorgeous season, with top tips and fun facts:


Known for their incredible array of colours, tulips are a delight to see each Spring. Tulips tend to keep growing in the vase, so it is preferable to re-cut them every couple of days to keep them from bending at the head. Top tip: to stop them growing too fast, prick a pin in the stem just under the head when you first purchase. A mixed colour bunch looks stunning on their own!
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These highly scented bulbs can make your home and garden smell wonderful. The bell shaped flowers don’t require much water at all, in fact too much can lead to bulb rot. They most commonly come in white, blue or pink. Fun fact: the Netherlands produces 46 million hyacinth plants per year!
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Floret_How-To-Grow-Ranunculus-1 Ranunculus
These flowers have lots of delicate layered petals like ruffles of silk. They can come in bright, vibrant colours that compliment other spring flowers in a vase. Their stems are fragile and require extra care when cutting. They last very well too- an extra bonus.
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1800 mixed-narcissi
The narcissi, or daffodil as they are more commonly known, are generally white and yellow in their flowering. They are the ultimate symbol of spring and actually the national flower of Wales. They are affordable, widely available, and look fabulous in little glass bottles to huge vases amongst other spring blooms. It is best to refresh their water daily and keep in a cool place to extend their vase life.

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