Spring is undoubtedly in full swing at this time of year, with the days getting longer and the weather becoming (mildly) warmer. With summer feeling like it’s steadily, but surely approaching, we begin to rediscover our gardens that tend to become neglected throughout winter. During the cold winter months we spend most of our time curled in a blanket in front of the fire, or any source of warmth for that matter. The last place you want to be is freezing from the inside out mowing the soggy grass or admiring the leafless trees. So naturally when the spring time comes around, our gardens begin to look a rather disheveled, but we are more willing to bear the mildly warm temperatures for a bit of sun. Spring is the perfect time to start re-vamping your garden ready for the summer months – so lets get started.


Revive Your Garden


For most people, common garden weeds are a complete pain – no matter how many times you get rid of them they always seem to reclaim your garden when you’re not looking. For a weed free garden, start by tackling the problem sooner rather than later. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of your money to get rid of them, most of what you need is probably already in your home. All you need is a bit of spare time and the determination to turf them out of your soon to be beautiful garden. If you have weeds in the cracks of your walls and patio, vinegar is a brilliant and simple way to kill weeds down to the roots. Try to do this on a sunny day so the rain won’t interfere. If you perhaps own something a little stronger, such as vodka, mix about one ounce of the liquid with dish soap and 2 cups of water into a spray bottle. Make sure the weeds are in direct sunlight and give them a couple of sprays.  Replace over-grown & weed inhabited areas of your garden with flower beds or wooden decks to prevent them from growing back. Hopefully this should combat some of the weed problem and help you reclaim your garden.


 Show it Some Love 



During the winter the woodwork gets damp, things seem to get rusty and your patio sports a new shade of green grime. To really enjoy being in your garden this summer, start to think about tackling these grimy features in your garden and help bring it back to your pleasant, outdoor sanctuary. It’s not a nice job – but you’ll thank yourself later for it. Re-paint your shed, power wash your patio and give the fences a nice spray paint. When the warmer months start to come around, your garden will be an enjoyable place to spend time in, rather than a living checklist of chores which you would rather not be tackling on a beautifully sunny day.


Give it Some Colour


And last but not least for our final outdoors spring cleaning tip, have you got an old and unused flower bed sitting around? Why not use it! Over the winter flower beds become neglected and can sometimes lose their colour. So now spring has come around, there is no reason to keep them looking sad and empty. There’s nothing like reviving an old flower bed and filling it with a brand new floral and fragrant arrangement in your garden. With summer approaching, the colour will not only bring the garden back to life, but will create a gorgeous space for you to enjoy as the warmer weather comes around. Experiment with different tones of colour, different plants and contrasting collections of flowers. A garden without a pop of colour isn’t ready for summer in our books. But it’s more than possible to give your garden the colour boost it most certainly will need. If you’re a person enjoys a good garden shop, come and visit us in Marlow and take your pick of what we’ve got to offer. We look forward to seeing you!


Image Credits – pinterest.com