The tennis may be over, but the quintessentially English liqueur Pimm’s is still a solid go-to refreshment for any summer celebration (come rain or shine in the UK). Not only does a well-done jug of Pimm’s look beautiful on an outdoor spread, whether it be for a barbeque or garden party, it also tastes absolutely unique and utterly delicious. Full of fruit, fizz and flavour, this staple drink for British summers is totally iconic and more than easy to make.



Pimm’s Recipe for 1 Jug:

  • 8 strawberries, halved
  • 8 mint leaves
  • half an orange, thinly sliced
  • half a cucumber, quartered

How to make:

To prep wash and halve the strawberries. Halve the

orange, then halve again or alternatively thinly slice.

Take half of a cucumber and thinly slice into roughly

ten pieces. Add 200-250ml of Pimm’s to 600ml of

lemonade (1 part Pimm’s to 3 parts lemonade). Add

the lemonade first to avoid fizzing and froth. Then,

top off with the chopped fruit. Voilà!

As beautiful as a Pimm’s jug may look however, there are a few more must haves for a picture perfect garden party. Fresh flowers arranged in small posies are an absolute essential and guaranteed winner at any outdoor occasion and they don’t necessarily have to be arranged in the most conventional ways. While buckets don’t sound like the most graceful form of presentation for a flower bouquet, you’d be surprised at the visual impact of this shabby chic alternative to a simple glass vase. The benefits of buckets doesn’t just stop at making a great idea for a bouquet style arrangement, they also make a beautiful water filled floral decoration. The buoyancy of the flowers on the water creates an really elegant adornment for any outdoor celebration. Its quick, easy, effective and doesn’t necessarily need fresh flowers to put it together. If this decoration is being used for an occasion in the evening, candles are a delicate way to add light to an outdoor event.

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Whilst floral buckets make beautiful additions to any garden party, another alternative to a traditional vase for flower bouquets is floral bottles. They make a simple, rustic addition to any table spread and can act as a quirky yet absolutely alluring centrepiece for any occasion. The variety of the flowers in the bottles gives a beautiful contrast and along with the Pimm’s and alternative bucket bouquet, is an absolute must have for any garden party this summer.




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