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This week we have a different edit; we’ve taken our favourite in-store Instagram shots of what our florists are loving this week, with everything from seasonal pumpkin pots to succulent wreaths. Our picks come straight from our shop in Marlow, with our team highlighting their best loved products this week for you to enjoy.




This wonderful picture of our pumpkins all planted up definitely got us feeling in the Halloween spirit this week. Potted with succulent plants, these rustic pumpkins are a unique way to get into the feel of autumn if you’re not a fan of having giant orange orbs around the house. Either way, we love the design, and theres even a potted pumpkin hiding in the background, which was definitely a favourite.




Another favourite this week is our hand-made woodland moss heart wreath, planted with small succulents, wild thyme and Angels Hair making an opulent and unique addition to your home decor. We think this would look particularly great in a kitchen or bathroom, adding an overgrown yet ornate inclusion to your interior design. We love the unique look of this mossy, succulent plant.



Our final pick of the week is our seasonal shop wall display. If you’ve visited our shop in Marlow, you’ll know that our shop wall is always an ode to the seasons, changing with the months. This year, we have a beautiful autumnal wall display of golden and orange blooms, creating a stunning backdrop as you browse our wonderful selection of blooms and bouquets.



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