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Happy November from The Flower Studio! It’s the first week of the month, and things are starting to feel very autumnal here at the shop. This week’s top pick for is our bottled blooms, from sunflowers to our all white posies. We’ve been loving subtle autumnal decorating, and we think that these bottled blooms are the perfect way to dress up your home coming out of October. Whether it’s for your kitchen, living area or bedroom, these little posies won’t fail in making a pretty addition to your home.




Our first favourite bottled blooms is this beautiful mix of glorius brightly coloured blooms delivered as a small posy with the bottles packaged for transit to be arranged by the recipient with creativity and style. Likewise, our exquisite white blooms complimented with lush garden foliage fill six little bottles held in a vintage style silver metal basket. Flowers are delivered as a posy with the bottles packaged for transit to be arranged on arrival, giving you the choice to put them together how you want, personal to you.




Our definite favourite in this pick of the week has to be this trio of gorgeous vintage style jam jars filled with a little garden style posy of sunflowers, shamrock, carnation bloom and eustoma. These jars look alluring on a window sill or table bringing your favourite garden flowers into your home. These sunflowers are a definite must have in the autumnal season, making a wonderful treat for yourself, and is always a hit as a thoughtful gift.





Our last, but favourite bunch of bottled blooms has to be our delicate bottles filled to the brim with lilac blooms and garden foliage held in a vintage style silver metal basket. With a beautiful depth of colour, these Lilac Garden Blooms with herbs are subtly fragrant, not only looking elegant in your home.


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