A traditionally styled Christmas isn’t for everybody; from the classic red, green and white themed decorations, sometimes switching things up around this time of year can be refreshing, or might just suit your personal taste. So what better way to change things up than to keep on trend with a rustic styled Christmas. This style is perfect if you prefer a more refined or toned down feel to your festive decorations, without bold reds and greens, keeping to a simple and crisp white theme. Paired with gorgeous cool tones and natural ornaments such as succulent plants, pine branches and berries, a rustic styled dinner table or Christmas tree is a fresh alternative to a traditional festive themed Christmas.



A rustic yet festive theme in your home can be an absolute winner this Christmas , and can actually save you money as you don’t actually need to buy an excess of decorations to pull it off. A good place to start is looking for a few house plants if you plan on hosting a dinner party or accommodating family and friends for Christmas day. Succulent plants have been hugely on trend this year, brightening a room with their green tones and also being conveniently low maintenance. Coupled with gorgeous chunky white candles, or alternatively a grand gold or copper candle stick holder, the green and white contrast is a hit with the rustic motif.




These gorgeous napkin arrangements are an absolute hit with a rustic theme this Christmas, achieving an earthy yet keeping a minimalistic feel to your festive table decorations. This is an easy DIY job; all you need to get hold of is a ball of thick string, a pack of cinnamon sticks (enough for all your guests) and your choice of additional branch, which can be any plant or tree you prefer. Like in the picture above, a few small branches of a Leylandii bush can be used, giving a coarse contrast to the bronze tones of the cinnamon stick, which breathes delicious tones of rustic goodness. This would look elegant on a white toned dinner table as a perfect and practical festive decoration.




If you feel things are too last minute to hunt for a succulent plant, a bouquet works equally as well to relish in your rustic theme. Our Champagne Christmas bouquet keeps with the earthy feel with its gorgeous copper branches, but floods your festive decorations with elegance and class. Glittered with silver pine cones, the soft roses are highlighted with the delicate foliage mix, making this bouquet an essential to your rustic Christmas decorations. If perhaps a rustic theme isn’t your thing, this bouquet would make the perfect gift for anybody who is in love with this trend.



Last but not least, this is a stunningly simple idea for DIY place names this Christmas. If you happen to have a rosemary or lavender plant, simply clip a small piece for as many guests you have. Then, just fold into a circle and tie with a small piece of string. For the place names themselves, you can use white card, just plain paper, or if you have the time white material can also be used. Cut carefully into the your chosen material to create your desired place name shape. The combination of the rosemary, white string and place name makes this a gorgeous, hand-made addition to your festive, rustic decorations; it will do nothing less than impress your friends and family as a gorgeous yet personal decoration.

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