_Spring Meadow Flower Bottles


This Mother’s Day, we’ve put all our efforts into creating bouquets that will make the perfect gift for any mum. From mums’ who love the outdoors, to mums’ who enjoy cooking for the whole family, appreciating their perfect imperfections is what Mother’s Day is all about. Don’t fall short this weekend; this Sunday is fast approaching and a floral gift is nothing short of the perfect way to show your love for your mum this Mother’s Day. Whatever it is your mum likes, we like to think we have the bouquet to match her wonderful personality.


For Mums Who Love Colour




With spring on our doorsteps (even though it’s still on the nippy side) this Spring Scented Joy Bouquet is a perfect match for mums who love a good dose of colour in the house. A gorgeous bespoke floral gift in itself, the posy of tulips, narcissus flowers and hyacinths are the perfect combination for a bouquet that will shout its colour from any shelf of the room. If your mum loves spring or simply has a wonderfully colourful personality, this bouquet is certain to light up her face on Mother’s Day, as well as the entire room.

For Mums Who Love the Outdoors




If your mum loves to get her hands dirty with a good walk in the great outdoors, this floral gift idea could be the one for her. These beautiful Narcissus flowers are personally arranged by our in-house florist team and completely encapsulate the wonderful wild daffodils outdoors in the spring-time. If your mum loves a good DIY, you can always choose your own floral arrangement and just surprise her with these beautifully crafted wicker baskets. This could be something you get the kids involved with, picking your own flowers to choose for mum (as long as it’s allowed!) and putting your own spin on this gorgeous floral gift.

For New Mums




For some, this will be a brand new day in the year to celebrate. If you are a new mum, you deserve to enjoy this new day in the year that’s all about you. We think that these ‘Ball & Mason’ floral jars are the perfect gift for any new mum this Mother’s Day, with the choices of Parisian Blue, Powder Puff Pink and Vintage White to suit any gender or simply to suit mum’s personal preference. They are not only a crowd pleaser, but are genuinely elegant flower arrangements and will be a definite hit for not only new mums, but all mums this Mother’s Day.

For Mums Who Love To Cook




For mums who prefer something a little more practical, this Kitchen & Garden Herb Basket may just be the perfect gift if she enjoys a good bit of cooking. It boasts a selection of substantial herb plants and will last throughout the season with a good bit of love and attention. If your mum genuinely loves to cook and enjoys a lasting selection of herbs, this gift will not only impress her on Mother’s Day, but will last throughout the coming months as a gorgeous herb selection. A lovely DIY idea to get the kids’ input into this gift is to make DIY planter decorations to place in the wicker basket, making a lovely practical gift enjoyed with your children too.

For Mums In Our Thoughts


For some on Mother’s Day, it is spent away from our mums or even with just the memories of them. It is still a day to think your mum and appreciate all they have done for you or are still doing for you. Whilst it isn’t necessary, a way of remembering someone or thinking of someone we cannot be with is to care for a live plant. Orchids are stunning yet unique plants, as well as having the benefit of being uplifting to keep in your home. Whilst it can’t replace your mum in any way, caring for an orchid is a lovely gesture in remembrance of a loved one. Mum’s are special to us, so whether you are celebrating and creating new memories with your mum or just reflecting on happy memories with her, make sure you show your appreciation this Mother’s Day.