Just like anything, beauty isn’t infinite, but there’s always something that can help you keep your fresh flower bouquet that was delivered to your doorstep last that little bit longer. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy your flowers for even longer.


(Photograph: 2 Dezign)

 It may seem obvious, but make sure the water level in your vase or container is at a high enough level. Adding some flower food, available in store, to water can also help to ensure longevity and nourish the flowers. If you’re planning to change water after a while, make sure the vase or container is well cleaned with no debris floating in the water as this can promote negative bacteria.


(Photograph: Eijk, Niels van & Lubbe, Miriam van der)

Ideally, the stems of fresh flowers need re-cutting every few days. Make sure to cut the stems at an angle so absorption of water is made easier for the flowers. Around one inch of the stems should be enough. This can easily be done with scissors or a sharp knife. A soft touch with the stems is encouraged; try not to pierce or damage them as this can affect how well water will be absorbed.


(Photograph: Lokven, Erik van)

It is best to avoid displaying fresh flowers in direct sunlight with a cool spot of around 22 degrees Celsius being perfect. Other places to avoid are around heaters or on top or around electronics such as televisions. If you manage to follow these basic guidelines, you’re Mother’s Day or last minute surprise fresh flowers should maintain that freshness for longer.