Preparing for the morning of your wedding can be impossible when you have no idea what to expect. You’ll most likely be overwhelmed with emotions on what’s to come for your big day, and will probably not even be focusing on any advice anybody gives you prior to your wedding morning. However, we’ve brought together our top tips for brides on getting through their wedding morning stress free and learning to enjoy what may be the most exciting, yet nerve wracking day of their life.




Our first tip is try to get a good nights sleep beforehand. It may seem impossible the night before your wedding day to even comprehend the notion of sleep, as you’ll probably have pre-wedding nerves. This is completely normal – it may be tempting to reach for a nightcap to soothe these nerves, however studies show that alcohol actually disturbs a good night’s sleep. Keep good sleep hygiene the night before your wedding, whether it’s taking a hot bubble bath or reading your favourite book before you try to sleep. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!





Make sure everything is prepared the night before – from your wedding dress to bringing your stylist to you, go over your plans for hair, makeup and attire the night before to ease your mind on your wedding morning. Try to wear something loose fitting and comfortable if you intend to have your makeup done, as if anything goes wrong it won’t ruin your wedding dress. Come prepared – keep spare makeup and hair utensils just in case your stylist doesn’t turn up, as there’s nothing worse than being uncertain about getting ready on your wedding day. Finally, relax and just enjoy it – you’ll only enjoy your wedding morning once, so the more you relax, the more you’ll enjoy one of the most special days of your life!


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