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We all know the feeling; it’s date night, you’ve been looking forward to it all week and now the heavens have opened, quite timely. When it’s wet and cold, most of us crave to be curled up at home, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fire, with a good book or film. But who says date night is off just because of a bit of bad weather? Here’s our top tips on how to enjoy your rainy date night.

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Firstly, if you’re adamant on continuing with your dinner plans, then we all know it’s a good idea to go prepared. Ideally, anoraks and waterproof boots would be recommended, but let’s be realistic – there’s no way that’s happening so don’t lie to yourself. If it’s a heels and thin coat deal, then at least get yourself an effective umbrella, or you’ll end up looking like you took a swim your date night.

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If you’re perhaps more of a home-body type and realised the rainy weather the best option for your date night, then you probably made the right decision. A great way to kick your night off is to grab ingredients from the shop, and make home-made pizza together. It’s fun, easy and tastes really great. If you fancy the lazier option then ordering food to your home is a more relaxing alternative (although less fun!). For the ultimate relaxation, get your partner to create the bath of your dreams when you get home for your own solo date night with a book, lots of chocolate and an over-due glass of wine.

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And lastly, if you’re both just happy in each others company, then a little gift to one another could substitute your rainy date night. Our gorgeous bunch of roses is a heartfelt way of reminding somebody just how much you adore them. The great perk is they’ll outlast your rainy date night, and you can admire them when you get home everyday.


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