If you’ve been planning a half-term halloween bash this Tuesday for your little ones, then it’s no doubt come around much faster than you’d hoped. You’re probably worried you’ll be spending the afternoon before furiously carving pumpkins and investing hours into fiddly halloween baking masterpieces. Not to worry – we’ve got a quick and easy budget friendly way for you to impress the kids this Halloween (and it will be one to remember!)



1. Milk Bottle Madness & Gingerbread Skeletons

This great looking easy Halloween trick if you have a collection of used milk bottles lying around. This will also work brilliantly on glass or clear plastic mugs if your kids are a little bit younger. You can either use a permanent marker or black cardboard to create your pumpkin, ghoul or Frankenstein faces. If you have time, try and take a quick trip to the shop for some finishing touches, such as the Halloween straws. Another great idea thats quick and easy is to get yourself some plain gingerbread men (if you have the time to bake fresh ones then great!) and squeezy icing sugar. If you don’t have time to decorate them, have your kids decorate their own in an arts and crafts style activity.




2.Bat-Cans and Pumpkin Pockets 

Bat-cans and pumpkin pockets are a really quick but effective Halloween trick that will wow your kids. It takes no time at all for and makes for a brilliant spooky addition for your monster bash. All you need for your bat cans is a few pieces of black card and a pair of scissors. Simply stencil your left  bat wings onto your top piece of card, and layer at least 4 or 5 sheets on top of one another. Then simply cut around the stencil and you’ll have multiple bat wings, securing them to the cans with PVC glue or sellotape. Then move on to your pumpkin pockets, which take less than 5 minutes. Get yourself some orange coloured crisps, cheesy wotsits would do, and grab a few clear bags. Pop in the snacks, and if you really want to go the full mile, tie them with a small green ribbon. Then, simply draw a quick pumpkin face in permanent marker and voila!


3. DIY Balloons & Apple Bobbing

In the same fashion as the pumpkin pockets, DIY Halloween balloons are super easy. Simply blow up your balloons with either helium or your trusty lungs and carefully pen in any ghoulish face you fancy with a permanent marker – just watch out they don’t pop! And if you’re really pushed for time, just go for apple bobbing. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – all you’ll need is a clean, deep bucket or bowl, water and a packet of apples. It’s great entertainment and takes minimal effort!


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