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It’s officially Bonfire Night weekend, and for this annual celebration of Guy Fawkes’ foiled gun powder plot, why not host your very own Fireworks Night? With the 5th falling on the Sunday of this year, you have all weekend to put together an unforgettable bonfire night, with 3 nights of fireworks.




1. Firework Party Food

It’s never really Bonfire Night without toffee apples – switch up the traditional recipe and cover yours in nuts, chocolate and an extra coat of toffee. These should go down a treat with your guests, especially if there’s kids around. If you have the time, making your own is definitely great fun. But if the party organisation is getting hectic then going shop-bought is an easy yet impressive addition to your food spread. For some warm, hearty & savoury food, hot dogs and warm soup will always go down well. If everyone will be stood about outside, then hotdogs are quick, easy and don’t require much effort. Pre-make your onion & coriander relish, so the only thing left to do is cook your sausages. If you have veggie guests, don’t forget to include a vegetarian alternative. If your party is more of a sit down affair, then seasonal butternut squash or carrot & coriander soup can’t go wrong on a cold, autumnal evening.




2. Keeping Warm & Firework Night Fun

Bonfire Night doesn’t just have to be all about the fireworks. If you have an outdoor woodturner or fire pit then marshmellow toasting is a great way to entertain the kids (make sure someone keeps an eye out!). It’s also a great home-made alternative to a traditional Guy Fawkes Bonfire. If your guests are waiting outdoors for the fireworks display, then setting up a blanket station in case they need just that little extra warmth. Or if it’s going to be rainy an umbrella station works great too.




3. Enjoy the Display!

Lastly, enjoy your fireworks display! Bonfire Night is the perfect time to relax and enjoy some good food. Whether you’re spending it with friends or family, or even both, don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and make sure you stay safe.

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