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As the colder months roll in and the leaves start to brown, a lot of us seem to still seem to be caught up in the transition period between summer and autumn. If you’re struggling to get into the swing of this beautiful time of year, then you really need to look no further. Here are some tips and tricks to bring yourself and your home into the autumnal season.

1. Experience the Outdoors

The first way to immerse yourself in autumnal bliss is to simply look around you; getting out on a quick 10 minute walk or plan a walking trip and make a day out of it. Nothing beats the fresh, outdoor air of these months (and how could you not want to admire the beauty of the autumn trees?) as well as the benefit of getting exercise surrounded by beautiful scenery. As the temperatures drop, it can get a bit harder to motivate yourself to get moving and out of the house, so wrapping up for an autumnal walk is a definite must. If you perhaps aren’t able or don’t have the time to get out for a walk, a scenic drive is equally as exquisite and is guaranteed to bring you a little bit closer to feeling autumnal this year.

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2. An Autumnal Picnic

Whilst it’s not 30 degrees outside, it’s certainly not Antarctic temperatures either. So, before it does get too cold to even function in the outside weather, why not make a picnic trip whilst the weather still permits it. Pack blankets, a flask of tea, snacks and a good book if you’re planning to make it a solo trip. Make sure you wrap up warm as you’ll be sat for a while in the colder weather (don’t catch a chill!). If you want to make it all the more traditional, you could even pack it all in a quaint, wooden basket. This is a really cosy way of spending time outdoors, with the luxury of stunning, seasonal scenery and the warmth of a good cup of tea at your fingertips, whilst enjoying the views that autumn has to offer.



3. Seasonal Scents 

We can’t deny the changing of the seasons outside our home; but inside can be a different story. A really simple and effective way to bring autumn straight into your home is to get hold of a seasonal candle. It doesn’t have to be a Yankee Candle, but this one called ‘Autumn Leaves’  is packed full seasonal scents that will fill any room with the aroma of autumn. The warm flame of a candle brings a comforting feel to any room in your house throughout the colder months and should be a definite on anyone’s home decor list this autumn.



4. Cosy Nights In

For the days that are just that little bit too cold to spend outside, wrapping up in a thick blanket on the couch is always an option. Having a day or night dedicated to chilling out is important for your well-being, so don’t feel guilty about winding down. Treat yourself to a film night; light your autumnal candles, grab your blanket, warm your hot chocolate and choose your movie. There’s nothing cosier than settling down with a hot brew in your favourite blanket watching your favourite film.



5. Light Up Your Home

With the dark nights beginning to roll in earlier by the day, extra lights are essential in illuminating your home. Fairy lights are a really quaint way to add a luminous touch to any room and you can string them from pretty much anywhere. Bulb shaped lights are an absolute must for your home this autumn; whether they are hung to light up your bedroom or glowing on the wall of your front room – they bring any space that cosy, snug feel without the room being in complete darkness or overflown with light. Our bulb light garlands are the perfect compromise and look simply stunning. If you can’t wait to get your hands on them just click this link: https://www.flowerstudioshop.co.uk/shop/little-light-bulb-garland/




 6. The Perfect Autumnal Floral Bouquet

Last in the list, but certainly not least, is to bring the outdoors straight into your home with a beautiful autumnal flower bouquet. Believe it or not, having a seasonal flower bouquet around the house can completely transform your living space. We recommend our splendid bucket of festival apples and berries, which is rich in colour and fragrance and is an absolute necessity to bring your home into autumn. Any autumnal bouquet will revamp your home and will bring your decor into this season, but this floral bucket is more than perfect to transform your house this autumn. Just click the following link and it can be all yours: https://www.flowerstudioshop.co.uk/shop/bucket-of-harvest-festival-apples-berries/




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