For most brides, there’s nothing worse than waking up on your wedding morning to cloudy skies and heavy rain, especially if you had a sunny, summer ceremony in mind. If this happens to you, don’t be disheartened; you can’t control the weather (frustratingly). However there’s a few measures you can take before your wedding day to make sure you’re prepared for anything, come rain or shine, so you can enjoy your day whatever the weather throws at you.




Be Prepared and plan ahead. Make sure you have cover from the rain if you’re planning an outdoor reception, like a marquee or wedding tent. And you don’t want your guests to be wading through thick bog, look into investing in wooden flooring for your marquee – you’ll thank yourself later if it does rain. Another tip to impress your guests is to set up a DIY an umbrella station, so your mind can be at ease knowing your guests have cover from an inconvenient downpour.


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Prepare Yourself and enjoy it! If you’re planning a festival themed wedding and you’re not afraid to get your hands (or feet) dirty, then why not sport a pair of wellies for the ultimate rainy wedding day? Not only are they completely practical, but they are an essential for any festival bride who embraces a rainy, boggy but beautiful wedding day all the same.


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