The sun is out, temperatures are rising into the mid-twenties and it’s finally warm enough to step outside the house without a thick woolly jumper and a scarf. Summer is here, and it’s most definitely the best time of year to get out and about for a couples’ picnic, or if you’re thinking bigger, get the whole family together for a big outdoor picnic bash. Whether you’re planning a surprise picnic for your partner or a big family get together, we’ve got the best picnic tips to make it an all round success.


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Be prepared: Eating outdoors can get messy. A picnic basket is always a winner when planning your picnic and for a very good reason. It fits basically everything you will need in one place and will save you hours of scrambling around for knives, forks and spoons. You’ll also know exactly what needs to be packed up without the stress of losing half your gear when you’re wrapping up for the day (and it’s just a bonus that it looks great too). We recommend packing up a bottle of pre-made Pimm’s into your picnic basket to bring a real feel of summer with you to your picnic. A quick tip for a great Pimm’s recipe that takes 5 minutes to prepare:

  • 300ml of Pimm’s No.1
  • 700ml of lemonade
  • Sprig of mint
  • Sliced Cucumber
  • Sliced Orange
  • Sliced Strawberries


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For a secret surprise: If you’re planning a secret picnic for your significant other, then they are definitely in for a surprise with these top tips on how to make it really quite special. If you can’t afford a specialised picnic basket, then a simple woven wood basket would definitely do the trick. We suggest packing a good sized blanket, tasty food that won’t go bad in the heat (especially if you get stuck in traffic), a cool set of beverages and not to forget, the perfect bouquet to put in your picnic basket. A summertime favourite, we love our sky blue Hydrangea bunch wrapped in The Flower Studio signature paper. Pop the bouquet in the corner of your basket for an absolutely stunning surprise for your partner.


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Treat yourself: It’s not everyday you get to go venture out for a picnic. A great way to show off your al fresco dining skills to family and friends is to prepare a dozen simple Italian style sandwiches. All you need is a generous helping of pesto, creamy mozzarella and fresh slices of tomato. If you prefer a vegan, dairy free or gluten free option, simply replace the mozzarella with portabello mushrooms and the bread with a gluten free alternative. For that extra touch of summer, simply cut a sheet of baking paper into rectangular shapes and place underneath the sandwiches. Then, take a 15cm piece of white string and tie your creations up in a neat bow. Voila!


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