Going to university for the first time can seem like an incredibly daunting prospect. You won’t know anyone, you’ll be in a completely different environment and away from your family for the first time. It’s something you can’t exactly prepare for unless you have experienced it once. However, you can take a few steps in making the move to uni a lot easier and a lot less nerve wracking. Here at The Flower Studio, we’re going to give you our top tips, including our floral must haves, to make your move to university or college that much easier.




Our first step is make your dorm room feel like home. It may seem easier said than done; but even bringing a few familiar belongings from home to your new room can make the difference between feeling comfortable in your uni room and feeling overwhelmed.  If you’re missing your friends, taking photographs of your nearest and dearest can be a great way to decorate your walls. It should be your own safe space, so keep your desk organised for working and relaxing. A desk organiser could be a great way to keep your lecture notes and stationary in order, whilst a scented candle can help you wind down after a hard day of work. Top tip – if your halls doesn’t allow burning candles in dorm rooms, take a scented diffuser to help you relax and battery powered candles for a chilled out atmosphere in your new room.




Our succulents are a definite must have if you’re off to uni this year. Live succulents are incredibly easy to care for; so our faux succulents are even easier to care for. They require no light, water or care, and can sit anywhere in your dorm room to impress your new flat mates, as well as being potted in a beautiful teal terracotta style succulent pot. Another easy addition to your dorm room is a copper wire styled pin board. Not only do you not need any wall mounts for your board, you can peg any photographs or lecture notes to your wire frame.




Last but not least, just design your room to a style you love and feel comfortable with. Whether you enjoy a quirky minimalistic style or a hippy grotto styled dorm room, indulge in your favourite aesthetics and make your uni room feel like a familiar space that you’re happy to spend the next year in.


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