Different ways to show off your blooms!

The large, lush flowers can easily add life to an old vase and look beautiful in a floating wreath. There are so many ways to display your blooms creatively and here are some of our favourite creative displays.

Mix and match colours

As with many flowers, combining different coloured blooms can have a real impact in any display. Hydrangeas are no exception and even the simple combination of two different coloured flowers can have a real impact. Add some different varieties of flower to complete the display. This display uses angled glass bowls with simple little bud vase to hold your blooms.

Hanging hydrangeas

Flowers don’t have to be displayed in vases on tables. This creative display shows the glass vases hanging from above without taking too much attention away from the stunning blooms. Easy to pull together with strong string and ceiling hooks creating a stunning and creative display.


Stunning Country bloom hand-tie bouquet

Hydrangea’s are delicate and gorgeous blooms creating a fabulous delicate bouquet mixed with dill and held in a simple over-sized glass vase.


Five top tips to help your hydrangeas stay healthy

A hydrangea arrangement is a beautiful addition to any room. To keep this lush bloom at its best for as long as possible, follow our five top tips to have healthy hydrangeas…


  1. When you receive your hydrangeas, cut each stem on a slant to maximise the amount of water it can take in

  2. Be sure to soak each flower steam in cold water for at least an hour before you create your arrangement and continue to add ice to the water for the duration of their life
  3. Select a tall vase and fill it with plenty of water as hydrangeas drink a large amount
  4. Once you’ve arranged the stems in the vase, pick off any leaves that are underwater
  5. Check daily for any leaves that are damaged and remove these from the blooms

Images sourced: the flower council