Edible plants and flowers are a fantastic addition to the dining table, but if you fancy something a little more inventive than candied lilacs perched atop a slice of cake, then read on for some beautiful floral inspiration!

Freeze frame style

 Stunningly dramatic and perfect for the summer, flowers embedded in ice are an instant show stopper. Use individual flowers or clusters of petals in ice cubes to add to jugs of water or cocktails for a beautiful hint of colour and delicate floral flavour to drinks. Stack a bucket with frozen rose-buds and a bottle of champagne for a surprising twist on a romantic tradition.

rose budsice bowl

Steep it

 If you’ve got plenty of edible flowers growing in your back garden, make the most of their ephemeral fragrance and flavour by brewing them into delicate drinks, syrups and even cocktails. From calendula and camomile, to lavender, daisies, pansies and many others, flowers add a wonderful touch to a refined palette.

rose tea

For a really simple concoction, simply add dried rosebuds to hot water. Steep for at least a few minutes for a light and refreshing tea that makes a wonderful non-caffeinated alternative. Or to get the best out your roses, allow to steep for longer and serve cold, as a heady, rose-infused drink. You can even add sugar and reduce to a rose flavoured syrup, that can be drizzled over desserts, ice cream and mixed into cocktails!

flower pasta

 Or for something entirely unique, how about floral pasta? If you’re keen on making homemade pasta, you can create some lovely innovative pasta sheets adorned with pressed flowers, by rolling individual petals or small flowers into your pasta sheets. Like culinary pressed flowers, these would make a delightful addition to a spring or summer menu.

 When preparing any kind of edible creation with flora, it’s important to check that they are safe to consume first. While there are dozens of edible flowers available, many others are toxic – so do your research first!

Image credit;   FabWorld/Tulle Tales/ Kitchen Caravan/The Natural Wedding Company/Anne Rowe