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      When we think of Father’s Day, the first thing that comes to mind is probably isn’t going to be a beautifully handcrafted bouquet of roses or a floral arrangement. But who says flowers are off the cards, just because it’s a day all about dad?  It’s certainly not impossible to buy gifts for dad this Father’s Day, however difficult it may seem to even begin to fathom what they want (as not much is usually said about the matter). We think dad deserves a floral gift this Father’s Day, and it might not be what you expect. Whether your dad enjoys the indoor company of a succulent plant or loves getting outdoors in the garden, this gift guide will cater to all dad’s who have a green thumb. And if he does love a bouquet of roses, even better.



If your dad does happen to have a green thumb, you can’t really go wrong with gardening essentials. It’s definitely that time of year in which dad’s around the country are getting their gardening gloves on and sprucing up the garden, not to mention it’s also the perfect season to grow your own fruit and veggies. Having a solid wooden stand and scissors set is a definite essential for herb keeping and garden upkeep. If your dad is the type to get outdoors in the garden then we would suggest this as a must have. And if he really insists on getting his hands dirty in the great outdoors, make sure he does it with a bit of style. This vintage style jar of gardener’s pumice soap will disinfect dad’s hands, containing natural vegetable oils which are kind to the skin and glycerol for smooth hands after a hard day’s work in the garden. A thoughtful, but an all round practical gift for dad this Sunday.






A succulent plant always goes down well with any dads who fancy brightening up an office desk or work space. Smart and sophisticated, succulent plants don’t need too much time and effort in their care, so make great floral companions for any dad who doesn’t have too much time on their hands. Although these little plants are not overstated with bold colours and wild natural designs, they will definitely be up dad’s street if he enjoys a more subtle floral gift. Likewise, a cactus would also make brilliant gifts for a busy dad who needs an office desk spruce up without the hassle of caring for a living plant.




Seen above & below: Succulent Plants & Cactuses seen in The Flower Studio store in Marlow




Last but certainly not least is a gift for those dads who do love their plants. This beautiful twisted stem Bay Tree is definitely the way to dad’s heart this Father’s Day, showing its leaves all year round and potted in a sturdy wicker basket. Evergreen and understated, this is most definitely the highlight of this gift guide for plant-loving dads. Easy to care for, this Bay Tree would definitely find a place on dad’s to do list if he enjoys bringing the garden into the kitchen, finding it’s home by a window or on an outside patio. If your dad enjoys being the head chef of the house too, this gift will definitely tick all the boxes. Whether your dad is in touch with his green side or perhaps just loves to be in the great outdoors, a floral gift definitely won’t miss the mark this Father’s Day.