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The time of the year for egg painting, chocolate indulging and hot cross buns is finally here! Easter Sunday is coming up this week, and the long bank holiday weekend makes for a lot of time spent entertaining the kids and extended family. So, to save you time wondering what activities to keep your family occupied this long easter weekend, we’ve put together our top spring-themed crafts for everyone to enjoy this Sunday. So let’s kick off the easter celebrations with our first easter activity!


Egg Painting 


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A great way to get the entire family to embrace their creative side this easter is painting and decorating hard boiled eggs. They make for great easter decorations when finished and although they don’t have to be a work of art, egg painting is a great way to keep everyone occupied, with some really lovely creations to be made. Simply bring the water in your pan to the boil, and simmer the eggs for 15 minutes until completely hard boiled. Pop them in the fridge or cold water to speed up the cooling process. Then, take your acrylic paints and choose a design for your eggs. A great idea to avoid ruining your designs is to paint only half of the egg at one time, avoiding a smudging disaster. Whether you’re a natural painter or a budding artist, this activity is great fun. Alternatively, dip dyeing your eggs makes for a beautiful marble styled pattern, making striking additions to your easter table.


Easter Treats 


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There’s no denying that Easter Sunday is all about the chocolate eggs. Whether you’re young or old, digging in to a giant Easter egg never loses it’s novelty. However, although we’d probably like to indulge on chocolate for every meal of the day, it’s probably a good idea to have some other Easter inspired treats at hand. Simply starting off your day with a hearty boiled egg and toast is a quick, tasty seasonal way to start your Sunday. For a more interactive, chocolatey recipe, chocolate rice crispy cakes with a helping of mini eggs makes for a great cooking activity for the kids (if the haven’t had enough chocolate already!). However, if you’re feeling like you’ve had enough of all the chocolate celebrations, then why not try making your own hot cross bun muffins; they are. delicious, all easter themed treat. For the full recipe, click the link: https://bit.ly/2EclUbB


Easter Table


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If you have a lot of friends and family visiting you this Easter Sunday, then there’s probably a chance they’ll be sticking around for dinner. Whether you’re cooking up a traditional roast or a veggie/vegan alternative, a Sunday spring dinner is a time for everyone to come together. A seasonal table is a lovely way to make an effort for your friends and family, and makes for a great environment for an Easter Dinner. Classic seasonal floral decorations are a must have, with spring Daffodils and colourful eggs taking the centrepiece of your easter table.

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