If you have a knack for all things crafty you’ll love these DIY ideas involving dried flowers. Whether you dry the flowers yourself or buy a premade selection, they’re super easy to pretty up any project.

Scented Sachets

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Picture Source: Terrain 

Great to hang in a closet, draw- or even a car! These can be infused with essential oils to make a unique scent, just to your own tastes. They have the bonus of looking beautiful- a far cry from your bog standard car refreshers.



Picture Source: Google, Etsy

These are becoming ever more trendy and can often cost a lot- if you have experience with making your own candles, a handful of dried flowers around the edge gives a wonderful rustic look. These are particularly great at Christmas using sprigs of holly, dried oranges and red berries. Make use of what’s in season!

Soap & Bath Bombs


Picture Source: A Beautiful Mess 

These make gorgeous little gifts. Custom mix your own ingredients and scent and then decorate liberally with dried flowers.

Phone Case 


Picture Source: Pinterest, Etsy 

Floral up your phone! A great way to design your own case- use your favourite flowers too.

Hope this was a source of inspiration for anyone finding themselves with a bunch of dried flowers! Have fun getting crafty.

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