Christmas foliage for the home

The first day of December is a sure sign the festive season is upon us. Many people turn to this weekend to pick up their Christmas firs or make the annual pilgrimage to the loft, dusting off the trusty faux tree.

However, if you are short of space for a tree (pesky London apartments), have pet issues or wont be in town for Christmas and feel its unwarranted- simple foliage additions can elevate the seasonal feeling of your home.



Our handmade and beautifully crafted wreaths cater to all styles of Christmas decorating- whether it’s Scandi, rustic, traditional or modern- and are a perfect way to decorate your door. They are also great to hang in the kitchen or in the hallway. If you have guests visiting, the wreath can double up as a centerpiece, just lay it flat and add some candles in a glass vase for warm mood lighting.



Bursting with scented cinnamon, natural pine cones, orange and apple slices, our Traditional Christmas Scented Fresh Garland adds a luxe touch to the fireplace. If you can’t manage to get a tree, the fresh fir scents the home beautifully and is unbeatable for creating the perfect Christmas mood. This special piece is handcrafted by our experts in store and undoubtedly a talking piece.


Photo credit: The Merry Thought

A alternative DIY is this foliage decorated with hand written envelopes and string, simply pinned to the wall for a homemade advent. If you are into a retro decorating style, vintage Christmas postcards would be a wonderful way to create a unique piece for the home.


Mini Window Sill Trees


Perfect for kitchen windows or the bedroom, our Miniature Fresh Nordic Christmas Trees are a wonderful alternative for those with small spaces to decorate. A beautiful way to decorate a feature window would be a row of these intertwined with fairy lights- alternatively, they make a perfect, more unusual gift for a host.


Photo credit: Finding Home Farms 

A cool DIY is using chalk to write on the vintage style tin buckets as above. It’s a really unique way to spruce up your stairwell with minimum hassle and clean up.

Now, time to start decorating!

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