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With Easter just around the corner, outside your home the daffodils may be beginning to sprout and the temperature may have improved (a little) from the winter snow over the past few months. Spring is a transitional season, taking us out of the colder, more baron weather elements and bringing us into the warmer, sunnier months. Bringing the elements of spring into your home can be a great way of moving yourself into this transitional period, and embracing all the best aspects and treats that spring has to offer. In this blog, we’ve got a few tips on how to bring spring straight into your home.


Spring Baking 


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There’s nothing better than the aroma of freshly baked cake about the house, and spring is most certainly the time for exploring your baking skills. From Easter cakes to muffins, spring time is usually associated with everything chocolate; so why not treat yourself to some seasonal baking to bring spring straight into your home? As the weather is beginning to gradually get warmer, spring time is a period to celebrate the outdoors, and we’ve think a DIY Chocolate carrot cake muffin is the perfect place to start for your seasonal themed baking. Click here for the recipe!


Spring Blooms 




At the Flower Studio, there’s nothing we love more than seasonal floral decorations. Our favourite spring bouquets this year have to be our Spring Scented Narcissi and our Spring Flower Medley. Our Spring Scented Narcissi are comprised of six gorgeous vintage style mini glass bottles filled to the brim with these beautiful flowers, making for a more creative floral gift for crafty friends & family. Your flowers are delivered as a small posy with the bottles packaged separately for transit to be arranged with creativity and style. Equally as beautiful, our Spring Flower Medley is made up of a bright little posy of spring flowers including delicately scented hyacinths, freesia and little white tulips interspersed with white fragrant narcissi guaranteed to make a fresh, spring addition to your home this season.


Seasonal Decorating

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We love everything decorative here at The Flower Studio, so we’ve picked out our favourite easter decorations for bringing spring inside this season. Spring wreaths are a great seasonal take on traditional wreaths, taking classic spring elements and bringing them together into a beautiful floral arrangement. This egg inspired Easter wreath makes for a beautiful addition to your seasonal ornaments, and breathes spring into your home decorations. Whether it’s hung up on a wall or as a table centrepiece, these seasonal wreaths make a beautiful addition to your spring design. Likewise, a spring bowl centrepiece makes for a charming decorative touch to your home decor. Using moss, painted eggs and a seasonal easter bunny, a spring bowl is super easy to assemble and looks handsome in whatever room you decide to place it in!



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