Bored of seeing the same pretty-but-uninspiring mix of bouquets down every aisle? Or do you want to create something that’s a little bit different, and a lot more you? If you fancy going against the bridal grain and want a more innovative take on the traditional bouquet, then how about one of these?

 Pretty pastels with succulents

15 keentobeseen succulents wedding bouquetsscabiosa-succulent-hypericum-smokebush

Succulents may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘bridal bouquet’ but they are in fact a lovely way to create a beautiful, yet quirky arrangement. One of the great advantage of succulents is that they can be found all year round – so you don’t have any seasonal issues! They can also be re-planted after the wedding, making a touching keepsake of the big day.

Create drama with air plants

air plant bq

One for the brides who don’t want something that’s conventionally ‘pretty’ and clichéd, air plants add an almost sculptural beauty to your big day. Air plants thrive with minimal maintenance, and, like succulents, can be planted again afterwards. Coming in extravagant and dramatic shapes like the Xerographica (pictured), these certainly create a striking and unforgettable bouquet.

Sweeten up with a fruit bouquet

Peach-Blackberry-Woodland-Bouquet-600x399fruit bq

Sweet in every way, a fruit-themed bouquet is definitely unique. But before you imagine throwing together your fruit bowl, a fruit bouquet works best by combining fruits and flowers in a balanced combination.  Seasonal fruit works wonderfully, try rosy apples in summer, or dark clusters of berries in autumn. Best of all –  the mix of fresh fruit and flowers smells utterly heavenly!

 Strike a trail with ivy

ivy bq

Last but not least, a lovely way to give traditional bouquets an elegant twist is by adding a delicate trail of ivy to the mix. Go as simple or dramatic as you like – a long, graceful trail of green leaves provides the perfect visual complement to the dramatic train of a bride’s dress, and provides a rich, striking contrast against an ivory dress. Complete a trailing bouquet with similar arrangements around the venue to echo the theme – a waterfall of ivy across the main table looks stunning, and is simple to create!

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