Whether you’re announcing a pregnancy or welcoming a newborn to the family, the arrival of a new baby is an exciting milestone in anybody’s life. There are most definitely a million and one things a new mum and dad-to-be are thinking about in preparation for a new addition to the family; if it’s the first baby or even the fifth. It can be easy to forget to celebrate this change in your life when so much is going on; so here’s a few ideas on how to welcome this new change and your newborn into your life with the celebration it deserves.

_Mason flower Jars

If these ‘Ball’ Mason Jars don’t fit perfectly into the category of baby bouquets then we’re not sure what does. These delicately hand-painted jars are a stunning way to congratulate new parents on the birth of a baby. If you enjoy a splash of tradition, the pink and blue jars are suitable for either gender, girl or boy. The white vintage jar is more than suitable safe bet if the gender of the baby is still a secret (or maybe just not known yet!). They also make a more than ideal floral gift for mum and dad at a baby shower, as all of the arranged colours cohere to whichever gender the baby may, even if the parents have decided not to reveal the gender yet (or if you forgot the gender and feel rude to ask, it happens). Either way, this jar is more than an essential for the arrival of a new baby.


A really neat DIY idea to decorate the Mason jars to the occasion, is to grab a 30cm strip of ribbon (blue, pink or white accordingly) and loop a dummy onto the material. Then, tie a bow around the front of the jar and try, if you can, to position the dummy in the knot of the bow (this can be a little bit tricky, but it is possible). You can add an optional gem if you’d like. This doesn’t have to be a real dummy, it could be a decorative one like in the picture above. This gives the bouquet the extra feel of the occasion and is more than fitting for a baby shower or as a gift for the parents after the birth. If you’d like to get your hands on these simply stunning Mason Jars then all you have to do is click this link and they’ll be all yours: https://www.flowerstudioshop.co.uk/product-category/whats-the-occasion/new-babe/


After the birth of a newborn, finding time to celebrate can become a little more tricky with your new family member. A great way to celebrate becoming a mum and dad-to-be is by throwing a baby shower. It’s a lovely way of sharing your excitement with family & friends, as well as having an enjoyable day full of fun and presents (and cake obviously). Although the above picture is of a christening, we thought this would be an equally great set up for a boy’s baby shower. Some lovely ideas to add to this could be balloons, a baby shower book or even baby shower games for everyone to play & get involved. This really is a special celebration so don’t be afraid to go all out.


As well as the boy’s baby shower set up, this display is equally as beautiful for a girl’s. If you like the pink colour scheme for a baby shower, then this is definitely for you. Another idea to replace the glasses for the drinks, you can use large baby bottles with pink striped straws for a quirky alternative that keep the newborn theme. And if you don’t know your baby’s gender, you could do either-or for your shower, using white instead. A new baby or pregnacy is a really special occasion; for you, your partner and your baby. Make sure you welcome your new baby in style!


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