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Let’s be honest – as the temperatures have started to drop throughout September, you’ve probably not been attending to your garden as religiously as you were during the summer months. If this is you, then you’re certainly not alone (so don’t worry). However I’m sure you’re probably beginning to notice a few weeds, the grass has probably doubled in length and the lawn mower is probably gathering a bit of dust. If you’re struggling to find ways to re-vamp your garden this coming season, then not to worry; here’s how to add a bit of sparkle back into your garden.


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Our first tip is to get yourself a good watering can. Even if it’s practicality may be minimal in this rainy weather, it adds a sense of having things ‘under control’ to those that see your garden waning at this time of year. This Danish inspired watering can, made of zinc, with an attractive rustic copper finish is an ideal practical potting shed gift. It has great proportions to be truly functional, whilst adding a stylish, contemporary feel to any garden. It would look great hanging from a hook on the shed, used as a planter or would make a great gift for any discerning gardener, including yourself. Likewise, our vintage style flower bucket used by florists to prepare and display flowers, is ready for you to fill with your own flowers from the garden. Right on trend, this is a stylish gift for any proud home maker or keen gardener adding a little extra chic.


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To add a bit of light into what might seem to be a duller looking garden, this attractive Fisherman’s Lantern is all you need to keep your place looking illuminated during the darker, gloomier weather. It is certainly a joy to look at and sit around on a chillier night.  This is a pretty present for the proud home-maker looking for some chic or an additional feature lighting for the garden.


If you’re perhaps looking to nourish the wildlife that visits your garden (but perhaps hasn’t been in a while) is this quaint little metal bird feeder. It has the feel of an artisan product and is a great addition to any garden. Bird feeders are a great way to attract wildlife back into your garden and it can be hung from branches around the garden. With a lovely rustic finish showcasing a sweet sitting bird, this striking aged metal hanging bird feeder makes a great feature in any outdoor space. And hopefully, your garden will now become the pruned, thriving place it once was!


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