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The origins of Valentine’s Day are hazy; traditionally named after St Valentine, he is known for being the patron saint of romantic love, engagement and marraige (as well as plague, epilepsy, fainting and beekeepers – questionably). Although Valentine’s Day is typically known as the day of year that we show our partners or potential love interests how much they mean to us, whether it be through an anonymous card or a trip to the best restaurant in town, Valentine’s Day holds love true to it’s core. So why not show all of your nearest & dearest how much they mean to you this February the 14th?

1. For the Love of Your Life 



There’s nothing quite like a classic bouquet of luxury roses that speaks ‘I Love You’ better than they can. If you’ve found the love of your life this year then you’re in luck – our Bloom Box * Romancing The Rose bouquet makes for an unfaltering romantic gesture, and a great valentines treat for your loved one, showcasing 12 delightful long-stemmed deep red roses chosen for their form, colour and delicate scent. Each and every one of our bouquets is bespoke and truly unique, individually hand-made by our florist team just for you, and we’re confident this gift will impress this Valentine’s.


2. For your Partner


For those who have weathered the years and actually managed to put up with one another, then celebrate this Valentine’s knowing you got it right. Your partner probably deserves this next gift for the years of your questionable taste in films, the daily removal of towels on the bed and the hours lost watching football games (and still not having a clue what’s going on). Really make a statement with our Desire * Classic 24 Valentine Red Roses. You really can’t go wrong with this classic bouquet with 24 red roses playing centre-stage amongst a fragrant mass of garden style foliage. This is an impressive bouquet making the ultimate romantic gesture this Valentine Day – and although yes, we know flowers don’t last forever,  but sometimes the gesture is one that far outlasts the life of the rose. Each and every one of our bouquets is bespoke and truly unique, individually hand-made by our florist team just for you.

3. For your Fiancé




So you’re newly engaged, but this Valentine’s is a different ball game altogether – you’re now the ‘fiancé. Making sure you don’t look stingy is a must (if you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together) but then again the classic ‘one red rose and a meal deal’ isn’t going to cut it. You’re getting married for Pete’s sake. Our Desire * My Valentine Crush is comprised of 12 stunning red roses, hand-tied and crammed full of rosemary, skimmia and garden style foliage for an unforgettable flower gift. Make an impression that will last a lifetime.


3. For Mum & Grandma




Do you ever wonder why we don’t appreciate all of those we love on Valentine’s? The love we receive from our parents, grandparents & (occasionally) siblings is unconditional and ever bonding. Valentine’s should be a time where we express this love to our nearest and dearest as well as our one true everlasting & undying love. Our Faux Flower * Farmhouse Flower Jug Perfect is a timeless country style bouquet with our wonderfully realistic artificial blooms, featuring silk peonies, veronica, hydrangea and gorgeous vintage rose hand-tied by our florist. Although this is a faux bouquet, this piece will last, making for quite literally an unforgettable gift. We’ve arranged them in this farmhouse style metal pitcher creating the illusion they are the real thing; we promise no-one will be able to tell the difference!

4. For the Diamond Lovers 




Diamonds are forever…just like love. It’s Valentine’s, and if your significant other enjoys a good crystal, then our diamanté bouquets will certainly hit the spot. Our Desire * Diamonds Are Forever Rose Cube is a   gorgeous little rose posy comes with hand-placed little diamanté stud in each rose centre, hand-wrapped into a little bouquet with garden style foliage to complete the gift. Your glass vase is packaged within the box for transit with a small amount of assembly on its arrival. Likewise, our Desire * Girls Best Friend Red Rose Posey is composed with exquisite red roses with little hand-placed diamanté studs make-up this romantic and uniquely special valentine floral gift. Striking dozen red roses and stems of fragrant rosemary lovingly hand-wrapped with a leather leaf collar into a beautiful ‘WOW’ posy for an indulgent valentine gift.


5. For Your Best Friend 


Best friends will always be there for you. Showing them what they mean to you from time to time will probably mean more to them than you expect, so why not show them? Our beautiful Bourgeois * Blue Sky Days Bouquet is an exclusive design, full of Jewel-like blue hydrangeas complimented by sunshine yellow roses and striking purple eustoma. Bring joy to someone’s heart with this wonderful brightly coloured unique bouquet. Our couture bouquet consists of dramatic blue blooms sprinkled with a mass of yellow, orange and red roses for a truly dramatic arrangement and is sure to impress all who receive her.


6. Or…Just for you!




If love perhaps isn’t in the air for you this Valentine’s, then why not practise a little bit of self love? Self love seems to be incredibly underrated in general when it comes to Valentine’s Day. It’s often thought to be a sad affair spending Valentine’s Day on your own – but why? You get to wear your onesie, eat whatever you like whilst simultaneously having full control of Netflix. We think you should treat yourself this Valentine’s.  Our stunning Faux Flower * Pretty In Blue Garden Blooms is exclusively hand-made and includes realistic artificial hydrangea playing centre-stage, white wild poppy amoung dancing for-get-me-not-stems creating a truly unique arrangement. This will prove a wonderful statement for your home this season but also makes the perfect, undying gift. Each posy is hand-made to order and arranged simply in an up cycled jam jar, making each one unique. If perhaps, you’re thinking of pushing the boat out even further, treat yourself to a real life companion. Our Living Orchid * Fresh Orchid Arrangement boasts four luxury Phalaenopsis orchid plants displaying multiple Orchid flower heads have been hand potted in this striking willow basket creating the perfect focal point for your home, and will always treat you right.


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