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This Sunday the 11th of March is Mothering Sunday, a day dedicated simply to all mum’s who deserve 24 hours of relaxation and being spoiled. Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day or your fifty-first, it’s a day worth celebrating. If you’re the one treating mum however, it can feel like a bit of a task putting together an entire day of plans to make it a special experience. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to treat mum this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank.

1. Breakfast in Bed 

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If mum’s used to getting up early and sorting everyone else’s breakfast on a daily basis, then bringing her breakfast in bed is a gesture that will go down a treat this Mother’s Day. And we’re not just talking toast and tea; we’re talking a full spread of mum’s breakfast favourites, so make sure you mean business this year. Pancakes are always a winner, if you have the time to make them fresh, even better, but shop bought ones taste great too. Pairing forest fruits, maple syrup and yoghurt or fruit coulis makes for a great healthier option, but if you’re wanting a recipe that’s more of a treat, then Nutella and chocolate chip pancakes make the perfect breakfast.

2. Fresh Flower Gift 



After mum has finished her breakfast in bed, it’s time to bring out the bouquet of flowers you’ve been hiding, or perhaps you’ve just got back from a frantic last minute run to the florist. Treating mum to flowers on Mother’s Day is almost a must-do, making a beautiful, unforgettable gift for mum. Our Garden Path Flower Bouquet is bright, colourful and completely luxurious. Don’t forget about a vase if you’ve not got one in the house, as mum will want to keep these in pride of place!

3. Cards & Gifts 



It’s not Mother’s Day without a home made card from your kids. Balloons are always a great way to decorate your front room too, giving more of a feel of celebration. After mum is finished vasing up her flowers, surprise her with your cards and gifts and lead her into your decorated room. Make sure you have a hot cup of tea at the ready too!

4. Family Dinner 


Treating mum to a Mother’s Day lunch or dinner out is always a great way to show your appreciation for her hard work throughout the other 364 days of the year. However if you want to make mum feel even more special, then a home-made family dinner is the perfect way to make her favourite meal in the comfort of your own home. And if you want to go the extra mile, then a glass of bubbly wouldn’t go amiss.

5. Relaxation & Home Spa 



To round off a Mother’s Day, why not continue spoiling her after the kids are put into bed. Running her a hot bath, spa-styled with candles & bath bombs is the perfect way for mum to wind down before bed. And if you’re fancying a joint reward for the effort you’ve put in all day, why not share a platter of treats between the two of you?


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