Happy Halloween from The Flower Studio! If your kids are giving trick or treating a miss this year, or perhaps you have the luxury of enjoying a relaxing evening to yourself, then we’ve got the ultimate guide to the perfect Halloween night in. So grab your blankets and put the kettle on, here’s how to enjoy your cosy night in.


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1. Grab a Book & Light Your Candles 

To get your Halloween night in started, candles have to be a must. Make sure you don’t have any tasks or jobs looming over you – get everything you need to do out of the way before you start relaxing. Light up your room with Halloween themed candles or even candles with autumnal scents. Then, grab a blanket and a book – curl up on your sofa or bed and take some time for yourself. If you don’t have any sweets or treats in you may want to shut the curtains!




 2. Pumpkins and Halloween Treats 

If you happen to have Halloween sweets in for trick or treaters, why not just eat it yourself? Get yourself some spooky snacks (we recommend these seasonal ginger biscuits!) and go all out; it’s Halloween after all. Whilst you’re enjoying your sweets, make sure you’re feeling especially in the spirit for Halloween. If you bought pumpkins to get you into the seasonal celebrations, why not carve one? If you have kids this will also be a good way to enjoy your night without having to get out and about. Besides, what’s a Halloween without a Jack O’ Lantern?




3. Fright Night Films & Relax 

Lastly, turn off the lights, turn on your TV and (try to) relax with a Halloween themed film. If you’re not the type who enjoys jump-scares or gore, then perhaps a Christmas film as it’s never too early. If you enjoy a good horror film however, then Halloween is definitely the night to indulge in your favourite scary movies (Don’t forget to keep the lights on if it’s too frightening!) . So grab yourself a tea or perhaps something a little stronger, get comfy and spend your Halloween night in relaxing to your favourite spooky film.


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