Whether you spend Christmas with family and friends or prefer a smaller crowd for the festive season this year, a beautifully decorated Christmas table can go a long way in adding that extra special dose of festive charm. Likewise, not everybody has the same taste when it comes to their Christmas decorations; some prefer an alternative twist on regular festive decorations, whilst others prefer to be more traditional. Sitting around the table on Christmas day is an important tradition that brings families and friends together, so why not do it in your style. So whether you love tradition or have more of a minimalistic taste, here are two ways to satisfy your Christmas hunger on a beautiful table that reflects your personal style.


Traditional Festive Table


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Christmas revolves almost completely about tradition and gorgeous reds and greens; why should your table display be any different? If you love to immerse yourself in these aspects of Christmas, a red table runner is always a good place to start. A table runner is always an essential if you enjoy a base to put candles and decorations on your table, and can bring a simple wooden top to life. If you have a lot of guests and would prefer not to have so much decor cluttering up the table, a simple table runner will do the trick. For that little bit extra, try pairing it with a white table cloth to give the impression of more space.




Another really beautiful way in the ode to Christmas tradition is this luxurious Festive Fir Candle Pot. This makes an absolutely stunning centrepiece for any festive dinner table this year, bringing light and really rich, sweet smells to the room. Composed of orange slices, apple and winter berries, this candle certainly doesn’t lack in it’s glorious aromas. Keeping traditional, the pine sits underneath these brilliant fruits, adding a festive and fresh pine scent. With the berries bringing the bold red to this gorgeous decorative addition, this makes a lavish and eye-catching centrepiece for any traditional themed table.




A traditional themed DIY idea which will save you money this Christmas is a hand wrapped napkin. Although wrapping each one may take a little time if you have a lot of guests. The outcome however is completely worth it, as they look simply elegant. All you need is a ball of string, a bunch of fresh or faux berries, and as many cinnamon sticks as there are guests. Just roll up the napkin length-ways and at cut at least 30cm of string. Take your small branch of berries and hold it in the centre of the napkin roll, whilst wrapping the string around fully a couple of times. Then take both sides of the string and twist them around one another once; then simply wrap them around the cinnamon until you feel it is secure. Tie the string in a bow and – voilà!


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