Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Flowers are a guaranteed winner when it comes to a gift on the 15th March, no matter what type of Mum she is, it’s important to show what she means to you. Whether she spends her time in the garden or finds pleasure in making the house looking fashionable, there’s something for every type of Mum, delivered directly to her door. Here are a few examples to help you decide the perfect present and remember, all deliveries get a free box of chocolates!

Trendy Mum


These quirky little bottles in a metal basket add something unique to any space. These are available with vibrant lilacs and greenery, but there’s also room for creativity. Unlike many other flower-based gifts, the glass bottles give an extra dimension for creativity, allowing for swapping and changing suiting the room they were brought for. Why not pop in store and add a few more stems and colours of your choosing.

Vintage Mum


Flowers are not the only products available online and delivered or in store. A vintage vibe is one that is very much in fashion at the moment and this milk churn style birdhouse provides just that. It can easily be hung from any tree or branch available providing a vintage feel to the back garden. Who wouldn’t want that extra bit of company and chatter in their garden?

Chef Mum


If your Mum loves spending time in the kitchen, this Rosemary Herb Pot could be seen as a 2 in 1 deal. From one perspective it is a friendly looking plant suitable and thematic for any kitchen. On the other hand, it can be used during cooking to add an extra bit of flavour. The plant is easy to care for and requires very little maintenance. With this Rosemary Herb Pot, your Mum will get a pretty windowsill plant, which also tastes great.

Gardening Mum

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The environment of any garden is important and gardening is a passion many people rely on. Why not help your Mum add that vintage edge to her garden with these two beautifully rustic ornaments. The first, a candle lantern that creates a relaxed atmosphere on one of those chilled, warm spring evening gatherings. The imperfections are its perfections, holding a unique wear and tear style. An expression of love through the birdbath also adds a vintage feel to any garden continuing the vintage feel of the French Lantern and keeping the garden busy and beautiful. These two products will work perfectly together in any garden and fashion conscious Mum’s garden.