The Christmas countdown has officially begun, which means the annual festive planning is on our doorsteps. If you are planning to be host for a Christmas party or perhaps in charge of Christmas day, things can definitely get hectic around this time of year. It’s very easy to get caught up in all the planning and preparation around this time and we can tend to forget to treat ourselves during this busy period. We suggest that you indulge in lighting up your Christmas; literally. Bringing a splash of candlelight to your Christmas can make all the difference. Whether its a lantern or a grand stag head; here’s an alternative way to bring that extra bit of warmth and coziness this Christmas. (But don’t forget the fire hazards!)

1. For a Grand Centrepiece 


This grand stag head is an absolute show-stopper when it comes to lighting up your home this Christmas. It’s confident size will stand out anywhere in your house; from the table tops to the window ledges. We think this would make a really magnificent addition as a centrepiece if you are planning on pulling out all the stops for your festive dining decorations this Christmas. Paired with three white pillar candles, it makes a grand gesture for lighting up your home – and certainly doesn’t fail to impress.


2. For a Traditional Tree 


If you’re a truly a fan of traditional decorations then these mini Christmas tree candles are undoubtedly for you. These candles stay faithful to the traditional side of festive decorating and will warm the room with candlelight on Christmas day. Our in-house team use these pretty candles and clips on birch table-centre designs, as well as festive bottle designs for home decoration. The multi-use of these brilliant little candles means they don’t necessarily have to be used on the tree (if you are worried about a fire hazard!) and can be clipped on any appropriate surface for a gorgeous candle-lit Christmas decoration.

3. For an Alternative Table


When we think of festive decorations we don’t tend to think of chillies; however our next way to light up your home includes just that. Our quirky ‘Hot Chilli Festive Candle’ decorations are a brilliant alternative to traditional Christmas decorations that are used in most homes. Composed with attractive blue fir and woven with winter berries, these luxurious candle decorations are perfect for a festive centrepiece. If you prefer an alternative style for your Christmas, these are definitely meant for your festive table this year.

4. For the Yuletide Fireplace 


If you love Yule logs as much as we do then you’ll love these ‘Winter Log’ candle holders just as much (if not more). And if you don’t like Yule logs then hopefully you just love a good candle holder. These tea-light holders look absolutely stunning, bringing the essence of winter straight into your home. These can be placed anywhere in your home this Christmas; however if you have a mantelpiece somewhere throughout the house we think that would be the perfect place to display these gorgeous candle-lit decorations. If you don’t own a gas or log burner these little log candle holders are perfect for adding a bit of warm light to a fireplace (and if you do; make sure you don’t accidently throw the candle holders in the fire).

5. For Your Family and Friends


Christmas is universally a time where friends and family come together to love and spend precious time with one another. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, everybody knows this is important. However it is also a time to remember those in our lives who we can no longer share Christmas with, which many people can relate to at this time of the year. Burning a traditional memory candle in memory of someone on Christmas day at home or when visiting the resting place of a loved one is a sentimental gesture to a person you may light it for. This is a personal yet heartfelt way to bring light to home this Christmas.