Welcome to February 2017.

What’s on everyone’s minds at the moment, what’s going on out there and what’s going to happen in this perfectly short month?  It’s a month packed with love and promises, as we really start to get into 2017.

So here are February’s 4 key points to watch out for………

1 Beyonce’s Bump

Well, the first thing on (almost) everyone’s mind this morning is the news that Beyonce is pregnant with twins.  Congratulations to her and Jay-Z – I’m sure she’s a big fan of our site!!  And don’t forget Cheryl & Liam, or indeed anyone else out there who has the same happy news  – how about send your love and best wishes to the parents-to-be?

La belle pink rose box   oops-a-daisy-flower-jug


2  Valentine’s with a difference

Valentine’s is still very much on the horizon,  but it doesn’t need to be a concern to anyone, especially with our 10% discount for pre-booked orders with the code LOVE10!!


Anyone that’s read our last few blogs will know exactly how to impress their loved one or  secret admirer or best friend, but have a read of this article about being original and wowing your Valentine’s with the presentation of your bouquet too…..


3  When’s the sun coming?

It’s certainly been chilly this January and a wet start to February so it’s only natural that we start thinking about sunshine.

Spring is just around the corner, but it’s definitely not quite time for the sunglasses and short sleeved tops.  However, we can bring summer indoors with bright, beautiful colours to warm up the room.  What about these tulips to keep the chills away?



4  Be mindful

The world is full of sad stories and stressful situations.

Some of us look after ourselves and help charity at the same time; Dry January has just dried up, but now it’s Sugar-Free February!  Some of us cost-cut brilliantly by tracking down those yellow supermarket stickers like a bloodhound!  And some of us practice mindfulness on a day-to-day basis to cope with any diffculties.

Flowers and plants can help with mindfulness by reminding us of wonderful memories, whilst calming us with beautiful colours so that harmony is restored.



We wish you all the best with your short, but busy February from all of us at The Flower Studio